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Is Your Water Safe?

There is a big difference between legally safe and totally safe!

The Clean Water Act (CWA) Regulates 91 contaminates. If Tap water contains less the maximum Levels (MCL) of accepted contaminates, your tap water is Legally safe. Drugs have been reported in tap water around the world for over 10 years, including animal pharmaceuticals. None of these emerging drug contaminates are regulated in Legally safe tap water and many become more toxic when they contact chlorine, Which is used heavily in our municipal water plants. The laws today are more strict then they were 10 and 20 years ago, and you can be sure that drinking water laws are going to become more protective over the next 20 years. With hazardous waste, industrial discharge, landfills ect… polluting our water supply, combined with municipal water plants legally allowing contaminates in our drinking water.

PERSONAL action must be taken to protect our families from these potentially harmful contaminates!
Here is how you can start protecting you and your family against the adverse affects of contaminates in your water supply.

MEGACHAR (Whole house carbon filter)

You start by removing chlorine and chloramines from the point of entry of you home; this protects you and your family at every tap! These contaminates can cause a variety of skin irritations and can potentially damage hair and skin. The MEGACHAR was produced for growing concern for the possible negative effects resulting from bathing in water containing organic pollutants, as well as a concern for breathing chlorine vapors while taking showers. The MEGACHAR contains the finest granular activated carbon available and is capable of the removal of chlorine, chloramines, and reduction of organic contaminates.

The next step is a Soft & Clean Water Conditioning

The Soft and Clean Water Conditioning Series is a compact, total-home water protection system for removal of calcium, magnesium (hard water constituents), and up to 5 parts per million of iron. Showers and baths feel cleaner and fresher. Laundry and dishes are brighter and spot-free. The fully-automated computer valve permits customized settings for each installation.

The most important step of all is to protect your drinking water with a patented Aquathin reverse osmosis with deionization water purification system..…

Aquathin has acquired a patent for its unique treatment system which utilizes REVERSE OSMOSIS PLUS DEIONIZATION, and presently has seven patents, and several designs pending for other innovations. Absolute Environmental offers several different Aquathin REVERSE OSMOSIS WITH DEIONIZATION models. Aquathin Water Purification systems Removes 100% of impurities in your families drinking water!!


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