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Indoor air quality:

Services include AC air duct cleaning, ultra-violet air sanitation system sales, service and installation, anti-microbial air duct coatings, and AC filter sales and service.

Dryer Ventilation Cleaning:

Service includes Annual Dryer Ventilation Cleaning.

To protect customer from lint accumulation in dryer and dryer duct that could potentially cause a fire and to save time and money by decreasing drying times and electricity.

Whole House Water Quality:

Services include water testing, sales, service, and installation of whole house water filtration systems and also drinking water & water purification systems. Aquathin Whole House Water Filtration Systems are to protect the customers' hair, skin, eyes, and lungs from various contaminates: City water (carbon, water softeners) and well water (carbon, softener, rust sentry for iron removal, super chlorination tank with chemical feeder and sediment filters.) Aquathin Drinking Water Purification Systems are to protect the customers' internal organs: for both city and well water (Aquathin Water Purification Systems) by removing all contaminates and providing 100% pure water.